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About the MCC UN Office

Office Staff

The MCC UN Office consists of a Director, Doug Hostetter, assisted by a Program Associate, Vanessa Hershberger, and an intern, currently JeaHyun Nham of South Korea, from a Mennonite World Conference church in the global south – an internship  made possible by MCC’s International Volunteer Exchange Program. During the summer the office is often complimented with a university/college intern.

UN Office Staff


Vanessa      Vanessa Hershberger -- Program Associate

A 2010 graduate of Goshen College with a B.A. in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies, Vanessa feels strongly about Jesus’ command to love all people and believes advocacy work is one important way to answer this call. She is particularly passionate about working for a just peace in cross cultural contexts and has had the privilege of spending time in Managua, Nicaragua with an MCC partner organization, the Anabaptist Peace and Justice Commission, doing peace education curriculum development and facilitation. Prior to joining the staff of the MCC-UN office, Vanessa spent two and a half years working as a Patient Advocate at a clinic in Indiana where she helped uninsured patient’s access affordable healthcare and pushed for greater justice for all within the local healthcare system.


JeaHyun Nham  -- Mennonite World Conference Intern

JeaHyun Nham joins the office from Seoul, South Korea. She is here through the partnership between MCC’s IVEP program and Mennonite World Conference and will work with our office for the coming year. JeaHyun is a member of Jesus Village Church in Chuncheon, South Korea. She comes most recently from UC Berkeley where she spent her junior year of college as an exchange student from the Underwood International College in Seoul, where she is studying International Studies and Comparative Literature & Culture. JeaHyun has spent time working with refugees at the PNAN refugee center in Seoul, helping them with the legal process of gaining refugee status in South Korea. JeaHyun says: "I am eager to pass the torch of love to many other nations worldwide by joining the MCC mission at the UN Office. I hope to take advantage of the resources in MCC UN office to learn more about peacemaking and MCC work within the UN community to build bridges of understanding between peoples and nations. I am also excited to bring my background and experience to the peacebuilding work of the MCC UN Office.”



    Doug Hostetter -- Director

Doug Hostetter has spent his life working for nongovernmental organizations in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and the United States. Previously, he has been the Director of the New England Office of the American Friends Service Committee and the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Nyack, New York, and was the Resource Specialist for Peace for the United Methodist Office for the UN. Doug Hostetter is a Sociologist by training and has taught at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and Goshen College, Goshen, IN. Doug has been published widely on the issues of war, peace and nonviolence.